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Exciting Times for Habagallo Foods!


From the very beginning back in 1997 and for 19 years the Habagallo brand has stood for enduring quality.  
Starting with Habagallo brand hot sauce, and for the last 16 years Habagalllo brand Michelada Mix, the brand has become synonymous with excellence and a consistent taste that has the customers always coming back for more! With that being said, big things are in store for Habagallo brand products. The re-vamp of the Habagallo Michelada mix label and the Habagallo Foods website have been met with great reviews. What is even more exciting will be the mix being made available to anyone in the country via our shopping cart. If it is not available in your local supermarket, you can log on to our website and in no time you can be hosting your very own Habagallo michelada party!  
Also in the works is the return of Habagalllo brand hot sauce. Once again you’ll be able to enjoy the unique flavor that made everyone’s taste buds jump for joy.  
One of the most proud additions to Habagallo Foods for me personally is my son Charlie coming aboard to head up our online operations. He brings a fresh perspective to the vision I set for this company almost 20 years ago that will usher our company into this new age. He will introduce the Habagallo brand onto every social platform so that everyone, young and old will be able to enjoy the unique flavor and excellence we put into every one of our products. In closing, I want to thank the thousands of loyal customers that have made Habagallo a success over the years. I also look forward to the new wave of excitement that this revamp will bring to the brand and everyone associated with it.  

Thank You for Your Business! Sincerely!
Charles Davis, President Habagallo Foods Inc.

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